The Dev Morning Show (at night)

Finale: Coolest Tech, Memorable Guest Quotes, and Funny Moments with Cassidy & Zach
The Willingness to Try Something Different with Munnawar Hashim, Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly
Avoiding the Hype Train with Suz Hinton, Senior Software Engineer at CrowdStrike
Solving Problems By Building Your Own Tools with Eve Porcello, Co-Founder of Moon Highway
Maximizing Opportunities Through Networking with Ceora Ford, Developer Advocate at Auth0
Removing Biases and Designing For Your User with Alexis Morin, Design System Lead
The Inventor’s Journey: Traditional vs. Hero with Jeri Ellsworth, CEO & Co-founder of Tilt Five
Deboarding The Bullet Train to Burn Out with Anjana Vakil, Freelance DevRel Consultant
How To Not Be a Tech Hoarder with Charlyn Gonda, Senior Software Engineer at Pave
Protecting Your Focus Time with Julie Yang, VP of Product at Spec
Holiday Special: Favorite Show Moments with Cassidy & Zach
Moving Tech Forward Through Kindness with Michael Chan, Developer Experience Engineer at Chromatic
What Music Can Teach Us About Code with Salma Alam-Naylor, Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify
The Value in Saying “No” with Chloe Shih, Product Manager at Discord
The Right Tools for Developer Flow State with Dalia Abo Sheasha, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft
Learning to Ask For Help with Christina Zhu, Software Engineer at Square
Parting With Your Inner Perfectionist with Brian Rinaldi, Dev. Experience Engineer at LaunchDarkly
Investing in Your Team and Community with Taylor Poindexter, Software Engineering Manager at Spotify
The Mixed Reality of a Dev Advocate with Cami Williams, Engineering Manager at Meta
Why Quality Code is Overrated with Sara Vieira, Founding Engineer at axo
Navigating Uncharted Dev Territory with Shaundai Person, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix
Embracing Career Uncertainties with Moriel Schottlender, Principal System Architect at Wikimedia
Defining Your Own Developer Path with Thuy Doan, Community Engineer at Mux
The Power of Advocating for Yourself with Charlie Gerard, Senior Developer Advocate at Stripe
The Theater Kid Takes on Software with Chloe Condon, Senior Developer Advocate at Google
Advocating for an Inclusive Future with Rizel Scarlett, Developer Advocate at GitHub
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