The lies of web performance
Debugging You feel like a genius and an idiot all at once.
My meeting persona She is more professional than I
Trying to say the right thing in job interviews
Heights on Zoom are lies
Rubber duck debugging
Tokked for charity
I remotely work at Remote
What was I working on before?
Procrastination... or is it? I made a TikTok about the joys of being ready to work... and then cleaning something instead.
Made a little joke poking fun at the idea of recruiters constantly asking women (and other underrepresented/historically excluded groups) to help them recruit others.
Made my annual Halloween spooky CSS video!
No joke—you can buy our copy/paste keyboard right now Together with Stack Overflow, we finally launched The Key: a fully programmable macropad designed to copy and paste to your heart's content! It...